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French Institute
French Institute of Pondicherry:
11, St-Louis Street, P.O. Box 33,
Pondicherry 605 001
Telephone: (91-413) 233 4168
Fax: (91-413) 233 9534

    French Institute of Pondicherry was inaugurated on 20 March 1955. It was in the beginning engaged, under the impulsion of its first director Jean Filliozat, in the study of Indian civilization, and notably in the history and the religions of South India. In the 1960s, a department of ecology was created to a department of ecology was created to collect information on the condition and evolution of the environment in South India (vegetation, soils, climate changes,...) with as predilection area, the Western Ghats, one of the 34 world hotspots for biodiversity.

In the 1980s, with the constitution of the department of social sciences, the Institute also took interest to the evolution and dynamics of the Indian society. The development of research and the necessity to support it with modern methodologies and instruments, led to the creation of a laboratory of geomatics (LAIG) in the 1990s. With it, the Institute acquired modern tools for the representation and analysis of the spatial and temporal interrelations between these societies and their environment. The installation of the LAIG as a common tool greatly helped in developing new objects of research.

The Institute also has a multidisciplinary Centre for Documentary Resources (CDR), which was the fruit of an important restructuration of 3 research libraries in Pondicherry. This library holds collections specialized in the research that is led at the IFP, and is enriched year by year through a dynamic acquisition policy. It is open to the public within a framework fixed by the IFP.
Fields of Research
Indology: Indian Society, History and Culture: Sources and Resources
Social Sciences: Contemporary Social Dynamics
Ecology: Environment and Sustainable Development.

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